Monday, September 8, 2008

Ma Yin

Ma Yin , posthumously named Chu Wumuwang , was the first ruler of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period state of Chu .

Rise to Power

Ma Yin fought against the rebel Yang Xingmi , who became the king of Wu under the generals Sun Ru 孫儒 and Liu Jianfeng 劉建鋒. In 896, he became military commissioner of a precursor kingdom named Hunan and in 907 he became the prince of the new kingdom of Chu.


The Later Tang Dynasty confirmed his status as the Prince of Chu in 927. His reign was notable for its peace and low taxes. One policy allowed commoners to pay their taxes with silk. This had the twin effects of reducing skimming of revenue by corrupt officials and facilitating the development of Hunan's silk industry.


Ma Yin was succeeded by his five sons in succession. However, discord within the Ma family led to the fall of Chu to the Southern Tang in 951.

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